“Jade’s one of those rare artists who takes you straight into her mind.

There’s no pretense. No preamble.

You are right there with her in the first few lines. You are in her world. You experience her days. You meet her people. Her voice is unique, the messages are important and the journey is unforgettable.

Jade’s stories have stayed with me long after I put down her manuscript. She takes you places. Raw, gritty, difficult, beautiful, painful places.

Jade is, at once, vulnerable, fierce, uncompromising, sweet. Through her stories you meet a girl, a woman, a survivor. Jade Helena is a talent not to be missed.”

~Tanya Pobuda, Editor

Working with Jade was one of the most life-changing experiences, I met her and instantly was moved by her success story, it helped me make some decisions I would have never made if it wasn’t for her. It made me feel supported and understood. Jade help me, change me.

– former client: King, age 18

“When I purchased the book it was more in support than actually intending on reading. When it arrived it sat on my table for 2 days as I contemplated reading it, I don’t know why but I felt wrong for reading someone’s story, as if it was gossip. I realized that Jade published this book to educate others about the sex trade and wanted people to know her story, so I delved into her book. Jade spoke her truth, something many are afraid to do but readers appreciate these truths. I realized there are many communities within Nova Scotia that I didn’t have much experience with, one being the community Jade grew up in. This book enlightened me to how young girls can become entangled in the sex trade from Nova Scotia. I think it’s easy for others to judge sex workers (and often why there is such a struggle in the discussion in providing rights and safety for these women) when they don’t understand the story or take the time to ask questions. The upbringing, mindset and dynamics spanning generations explains how some people find themselves in this path and Jade explains this well in her book. When I met and got to know Jade in school, I would never have looked at her and thought her past entailed the sex trade, but that’s the ignorance that society has, we have formed views of what people should look like in certain jobs. The truth is, you have no idea what experiences people have had or what they are currently going through just by their exterior. I recommend this book to everyone, to get a glimpse and understanding of this world and realize how it happens. I commend her on her brave passion and thank her for sharing her story.”

– former classmate, Laura

Reading “The Teen Sex Trade” was an emotional rollercoaster. The story is a very real account of how a teenaged girl’s first love can be exploited in devastating ways. Jade Brooks is that young woman who lived to share her story, and create a framework for us to understand that these things do happen.

Brooks gives perspective on the proximity of the Sex Trade and how it ropes in vulnerable young women through processes of grooming and courting. “The Teen Sex Trade” bridges our gap in understanding exactly that, breaking the fourth wall of messages from Hollywood about these issues only ever taking place in some “far away land”. Brooks’ work humbly reminds us that these things do and can take place right next door.

Reading her story leaves you with the experience of feeling like she’s right there, with you, carefully unlocking the pain and rejection that saturated her adolescence, in a way that is somehow universally relatable; no matter what your experiences are.

– Spencer, age 23, Montréal