“They Came Like Caged Birds”

I am only human
I apologize
Let me tell you why the caged bird sings
She came cocoa brown breasted with fire in her eyes
Tired in her eyes
She was so near quitting her flying
Her observers prompted her to fly but her sky’s forecast wasn’t so clear
She needed support and they attempted to mend her wings but she plucked off their constructs
“What if I don’t want to fly? she asked them
She looked around her at her cage and it was so tempting to clutch the comforts of its shelter
Even though it wasn’t that appealing on the eyes and it was usually very cold
She lifted her wings and they felt heavy
“I know I could fly so much higher but how easy would it be to never leave this cage again”, she thought
“I mean, who would notice my absence in the sky?”
Right now, she needed easy so she fed herself in the form of sleep and dirty river water
It was mostly easy to flow through the various stages of sleep
and the river water was so accessible
Her spine felt stiff and she was sure that it would be better if she took the easy route out
Her mind was conflicted
But she still stood with her cocoa brown breasts out
She went through the motions of preparing herself to leave the cage
Cleaning herself
Dressing her feathers
She sat perched on her tree branch, got still and had a talk with her creator
Dear God…

*A writing prompt from an anthology titled, “The Great Black North”. Written during the 1st Anniversary of “Writing While Black”, hosted by Whitney French

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