Teen Sex Trade Part Two (PRESS RELEASE)

Jade H. Brooks is an esteemed author, blogger, and social advocate. After spending nearly ten years transforming her lived experiences into social advocacy, she has become a household name. Her work across Nova Scotia and the Greater Toronto Area has been fundamental in leading the fight against human trafficking in Canada. Jade Brooks uses public speaking and the power of the written word to heal, spread awareness, connect with community, and educate others. 

Her first book, The Teen Sex Trade: My Story explores themes of coming of age, life in foster care, addiction, domestic abuse, chronic illness and poverty. It takes the reader deep into the dark and hidden world of sex trafficking that most of us never see.

The sequel holds nothing back while Jade struggles to reach self actualization, free from those who take and never give. It is also a story of redemption and recovery – an exploration of a young woman’s will to overcome insurmountable odds to create a life on her own terms, and help others who face the same challenges.

While preparing Teen Sex Trade Part Two for publication, Jade was moved by a title of a different name. She recalls thinking back on her life in The Game and the terminology used within it. Jade remembered a term that pimps would use to insult women who chose to go solo or reject their game. It was then that the new title came to her. The term defined her perfectly because she was completely rejecting their set of principles. Thus, Renegade was born.

Renegade: Teen Sex Trade Part Two follows Jade Brooks as she recaptures her life after being released from the grip of her boyfriend-turned-pimp. 

Once she was finally “let go”, after years of emotional manipulation and physical abuse, Jade found herself lost. “Who am I without him?” she wondered. 

Jade recalls the men who used charismatic conversation and promises for their own gain, preventing her from achieving self-worth and true independence. Wanting to escape The Game and everything that came with it, she soon learns that there are pimps lurking online, on street corners, and behind mutual friends.

Pimps are only one part of Jade’s complicated life. Trapped in a whirlwind of alcohol and partying, an unlikely mentor shows her that she won’t be twenty-one forever. 

Armed with a new self-awareness, Jade realizes and redefines herself in this gripping memoir. 

This is her true story, years after.

Renegade: Teen Sex Trade Part Two is Jade H. Brooks’ brainchild. After taking the traditional publishing route with her first book in 2017, Jade decided to self publish its sequel. Armed with a keen intuition, she utilized her knowledge of the industry to access the necessary resources to bring her story to life. 

Jade remembers how difficult it was to keep the momentum going enough to get the manuscript finished. Between an untimely relationship breakdown, relocating, and parenting twin toddlers, it felt impossible for her to complete the first draft. To complicate things further, she was living in a transitional housing program for women and children fleeing abuse. Jade leaned on her best friend, as well as staff members and other mothers who lived in the program, to begin to regain her balance. With that, and knowing her children were safe, Jade gained the courage and energy to write. 

Fast forward to 2021, with the release of Renegade: Teen Sex Trade Part Two, comes the introduction to Jade’s new company, Time Immemorial Publishing.

Knowing that clients deserve to maintain creative control over their art, Time Immemorial Publishing is a self publishing service that aspires to remove the hierarchy from access to publishing. One of the main goals is to support the client from writing to publication, whatever that looks like for the client.

Be on the lookout for the official launch date! Until then, please support Renegade: Teen Sex Trade Part Two by signing up to the mailing list to be notified of pre-sales, discounts, book signings, and more:

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