Jade Helena Completes First Book

The Teen Sex Trade: My StoryA Raw, Autobiographical Look Into the World of Domestic Human Trafficking

Toronto, February 26, 2016 – Published poet and social justice advocate Jade Helena has announced the completion of her first manuscript,  The Teen Sex Trade: My Story, a frightening and intimate account of Jade’s involvement in the dark and hidden world of human sex trafficking in Canada.

A survivor of domestic human trafficking, Jade was recruited into the sex trade as a young girl. She was lured into “The Game” by a pimp she thought loved her. Jade penned the raw and gritty pages of her novel The Teen Sex Trade: My Story while she was homeless and living in Toronto shelters.

The Teen Sex Trade: My Story explores themes of coming of age, life in foster care, addiction, domestic abuse, chronic illness and poverty. It is also a story of redemption and recovery – an exploration of a woman’s will to overcome insurmountable odds to create a life on her own terms.

Jade is currently scheduling talks with several publishing houses to publish her manuscript.

A childhood marked by poverty and her parents struggle with crack cocaine addiction, Jade was introduced to her pimp “Carma” after being placed in a series of foster care and group homes. Jade found herself tricked, trapped and alone, manipulated into having sex for money in the massage parlours and strip clubs of Toronto and Montreal.

Part of her story has been featured in the ground-breaking Toronto Star series on domestic sex trafficking  entitled “Beaten, Branded, Bought and Sold” that ran December 2015.

“I wanted to give readers a look at what a survivor of domestic human trafficking goes through, and send a message to fellow survivors that there is life and hope outside the life,” said Jade.

Jade was born in Toronto, lived most of her life in Halifax and variously in Montreal and Toronto. Today, she lives in Toronto and works as a well-respected peer support worker at East Metro Youth Services (EMYS).



13 thoughts on “Jade Helena Completes First Book

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    As difficult as your road has been,your past is exactly that, your past.
    Happy to hear that you turned your knowledge into help. Your story will give others hope.
    Best wishes on your new life. Thank you for helping so many just by sharing your experiences.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. We met briefly at a Bedford book signing i was overcome with emotion because i know your story too well but through the eyes of a mother who has a daughter is still involved in the trade . Ps she just started to read your book ….


    1. Laura,
      It was a sincere pleasure to meet you. I only wish that we weren’t relating on such heartbreaking terms. Know that I am here to my fullest capacity if you or your daughter want to speak about anything. Thank you for coming to my signing!


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